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Panel Graphics

Durable machine-made and machine-cut overlays are produced from a high temperature 10 mil clear satin finish polycarbonate. 

Background color is printed on the back. 

Maximum durability with normal use.

They reduce glare and improve legibility. 

Virtually oil, water, and fuel proof.



Compass correction cards.  $30 each.

Replacement text inserts for light panel switches.
Circuit breaker label strips, with or without backlighting.
If you need special decals, including replicas, call or e-mail about your requirements.


Prices For Panel Overlays

My overlay design rate is $60 per hour (1/2 hour minimum).  I have software that keeps track of the minutes for every file.  Although every design is custom for your specific application, I endeavor to keep the design time to a minimum.  If my project library contains an aircraft similar to yours I can start the design from there. 

The time I spend in your local aircraft graphing your existing panel will cost  $30 per hour.  Sending me your panel(s) so they can be scanned will greatly reduce the graphing time charge.

Overlay materials plus manufacturing costs is $36.50 per foot.   The manufacturer also charges a set up fee of $16.50 for each separate job.  Multiple colors cost slightly more.    

I encourage you to do your own graphing.  However, what you send me is what you will get back.  

Holes for instruments, switches, etc., should be 1 mm larger than the object surrounded. 

I will create paper templates (at no charge) to verify that the overlays will match your panels.


There is a one-color overlay set shown on the Samples page for a C-150M.   The price for similar overlays is approximately $300.

There is an orange overlay set shown on the Samples page for a local C-172.  The price for similar overlays is $250. 

The price for a 2 foot x 1 foot single color panel with 2 hours of graphing and 2 hours for design will be approximately $223.50 plus tax and shipping if applicable.  The more holes in the panel the more time will be required to position them and any text during design.  


The prices for vinyl decals are determined by the amount of design time at $60 per hour plus $7.50 per foot (single color) for printing.  Multiple colors are additional.