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Work Methods For Aircraft Panel Overlays

Placards Plus makes F. A. A. accepted overlays for use on all non-transport aircraft and most helicopters.  Placards Plus does not make S. T. C. (aircraft certified) products.   

Check with your A & P mechanic to see if he is capable of providing .pdf, .dxf. or .dwg drawings of your panel(s).  If not, he may be interested in doing the graphing.

Placards Plus designs overlays for all training devices, including transport flight simulator panels designated Simulator Use Only

Placards Plus is not authorized to do aircraft panel preparation or installations.

Placards Plus presently provides graphics in polycarbonate or vinyl materials only.  If you need other materials or methods, look for some great products on my Links page.


Accuracy and color matching is very important.  If you do not live in the Pacific N.W., please arrange to send the panel(s), if possible. The item will be sent back to you the next working day after it is received. 

If you cannot deliver a panel, options are still available for getting a good copy.  Call or e-mail for details.

More about Methods:

Normal cameras (film or digital) do not work well as a reference due to parallax, spherical aberrations and other photographic variables. 

A 1600 dpi scan of the panel is good but scanners are sometimes non-linear.  In addition, scans are not perpendicular to the panels at every scan interval so parallax is again an issue, even when a panel is placed directly on the glass.

The equipment used at Placards Plus has been selected and verified accurate.