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Placards Plus uses an excellent 3M adhesive that was chosen because of the following characteristics:

     1.  It is highly solvent resistant which makes it great for oil and fuel exposure.

    2.  It is an all-purpose adhesive that works well on metals, glass, and both high- and low-surface-energy plastics.

    3.  You can reposition your work until the adhesive begins to set (about 10 minutes).  The initial grip strength is excellent after setting 20 minutes.

    4. Faster curing occurs after 20 minutes of heat applied from an electric hair dryer and then allowed to cool.

    5.  Please note that the adhesive has a shelf life of 2 years so overlays ordered for future use will not provide optimum adhesion.

    6.  The adhesive bond to bare aluminum will be approximately twice that of the bond to a painted surface.  If you intend to apply an overlay to an aluminum panel, the best practice, according to 3-M, is to apply the overlay directly to the raw aluminum without paint.  The adhesive bonding strength will be approximately doubled compared to bonding on a painted surface.  The better bond will help combat expansion/contraction of aluminum due to temperature changes and will keep the overlay from pulling away from the panel.  Paint can be applied to aluminum edges after the overlay is installed.


    1.  If you have painted your panel, make sure the paint has been allowed to out-gas.  Sufficient time is considered to be 1 week, preferably 2 weeks.  If you can smell the paint at all, it is probably still out-gassing.